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Thank you for sharing what I had been struggling with in myself! After 2 years at university, it's becoming painfully frustrating recently as I become increasingly more aware that something was missing in my ability to connect with others - which I now realize were the barriers I built to protect myself in my upbringing as an asian american in grade school. But just as important was the reminder to live a life of action and kindness, not just intending it or telling myself I want to change.

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All I can say is that working in a restaurant translates into so many workplaces, including tech and Wall Street, once you grasp the front of the house vs the back of the house concept. Obviously it also helps to know when the server has been overcommitted by the manager as opposed to just blaming the server and showing some compassion.

And in general, you never know what someone is dealing. A random act of kindness can really make a big difference. I know on one of my worst days 8 years ago, someone did something very random and helpful for me. I will NEVER forget the person or the action that person took to help me.

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1) Do - Haul trash at least one summer.

2) Work - Temp one season.

3) Pray - Daily for holy humility and appreciation of every worker (and those who wish they could work but are being restrained) in this fractured world.

There are no unfunded "rights".

An unfunded mentor is like a day without sunshine.

If you can stop fighting you may not yet have found the community for which you are meant to fight.

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Love this! As a meditation teacher, I am constantly reminded I need to own both my intention and impact.

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