This is a great strategy and has been working very well for me since I got introduced to it by Tim Ferris a few years ago: https://tim.blog/2021/12/27/past-year-review/. I love the closing line Katia offers, the year wrap-up - great addition! Thank you very much for sharing.

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Love this. I had a manager who never wanted to do post-mortems on our event production or projects. She was then surprised when we didn’t do better next time. Reflecting back helps you know what you did well- don’t forget to keep doing that, and where we want to improve. Often we assume we’ve done it for our lives because we know what we want to change, but without setting aside time for the good to we’re bound to forget the things that made for wins, and we may even miss what is truly driving success and happiness.

Honestly I think I may want to do this monthly or quarterly- especially as life is so extra chaotic with the pandemic. What even happened at the beginning of this year?!

Optimise the good!

Thank you both for sharing!

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