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LOVED today's post, Deb. Thank you!

I've shared on FB and encouraged others to subscribe.

And that Upton Sinclair quote is priceless!

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Great post, Deb.

Here’s another great question…adapted from YOUR great question.

“What data you would need to see to prove that something you fundamentally don't believe.….is totally possible?


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Wonderful topic; wonderfully written! Thank you!

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love this piece of thought leadership! life is dynamic, full of changes of experiences - and as a natural result, our perspectives shift. it should not be something to be frowned upon, but something worth celebrating with our growth personally and professionally.

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I have a friend who loves to argue, and he has a funny way of preserving ego when changing his mind. As he puts it, "Admitting I'm wrong is just one more way for me to be right."

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