Dec 20, 2021Liked by Deb Liu

I loved the idea of passing memories through food. Thanks for giving a name to a feeling I had for a long time.

My wife and I, bring our heritage to the table. Right now kids are gravitating towards her side of the food - after all who can resist Korean culture right now. But I know eventually the pendulum of their attention will swing towards the aromas, spices, contrasts and diversity of Pakistani cuisine.

My kids are too young to understand the wonderful traditions they are part of. Most recently my 6 year old daughter, summed this all in one sentence "Baba, I am half Korean, I am half Pakistani. And 100% American."

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Oct 13, 2021Liked by Deb Liu

I read this article with tears in my eyes. I love the idea of passing memories and embracing culture through food and food making. I think language does the same thing. I am from China and my husband is an American Chinese. I insist on speaking and teaching Chinese to my son at home. In that way, he could easily engage with our extended families who only speak Chinese and understand Chinese culture.

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