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"Curiosity" is a great way to capture what I tell my team about "having some redundancy" in their skillset. So many functions in the org are "too well scoped" whereas PMM has the luxury of being somewhat nebulous. One thing which I'm sure has served you extremely well is the broad remit you've had, so even as a Product Marketer, you are so much more (you are a sales-person, a CSM, a demand gen expert, etc.)

Curiosity should translate into people seeing themselves as the CEO of their business and connecting the right people and projects to reach PMF and commercial success.

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Desiree is such a powerful writer. In just the first few lines of reading this article I found myself learning something new. The ROI on each word was so high. Thank you for sharing!

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Thank you Dan!

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This was such a wonderful read, full of insights and digestable soundbites.

As a product person who now managements PMMs, it's a fantastic guide.

Thank you!

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Nice and detailed, with lots to chew over. And I like the idea of "light, not candles", so thanks to Chandar Pattabhiram too.

As for "bridging the gap between technology and the humans who use it", that rings especially true now with so many world-changing tech developments through generative AI tools. Your mention of curiosity as one strong skill for a PMM is a skill I see as a superpower in 2024 and beyond. AI can bring some excellent creativity, but without the curious engagement and unique stories, it falls flat.

I'd be tempted to even promote curiosity to your list of core skills. A step too far in PMM territory, or a nod to how this year is shaping up? I'm genuinely interested in what you think in that regard.

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