In a work context, as a manager, I’ve observed a few Kayfabe patterns in terms of how individuals perceive their performance relative to their team’s or organization’s.

1. Fundamental attribution error: ascribing too much of success to your own traits/role and not enough to the situational context around you

2. Impostor syndrome: over-indexing on the gaps/challenges you personally face that make you feel like you don’t belong in your role

3. Victim mindset: telling yourself the world is out to get you, thereby having blind spots related to your own development & maturation

Unfortunately these are the not useful Kayfabes that hinder career growth. OTOH, these are also correctable if you have intent, and out in the mental work.

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I got shivers reading the paragraph about our parents and the reality both of us don't want to recognize. It's so scary and sweet at the same time.

Awesome post ad always!

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Sep 9, 2023Liked by Deb Liu

Head of the WWE testified to Congress that professional wrestling wasn't a sport, but rather "Sports Entertainment". We don't have news since the launch of CNN with their 24 hours to fill, we have "News Entertainment".

So I can'd drive right now, because I'm recovering from having a brain tumor the size of a tennis ball removed. During my 40 day stint in the hospital, my brain would tell me I was doing great. While I had the brain tumor, my brain would also tell me I'm doing great. The people of Oregon just must not like how people from California drive. My wife complaining about my driving? Well, she has dementia, what does she know?

So something I learned is that "the brain can't argue with itself". You need feedback to keep you on the straight and narrow.

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