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Past one week, I received a few critical feedbacks for the junior PM on my team for a recent feature roll-out, which I perceived as unfair and had felt immediate needs to defend the PM. While I agree there is room for improvement, I know the effort PMs on my team have put in to close some of the communication/collaboration gaps. In the meantime, I have yet to see reciprocated effort from those stakeholders.

I felt immediate need to defend my team, pointing out that communication and meeting were held a few weeks back. The accuser immediately shoot back and pointed out something some details were missing in the comm. His tone was condescending but I didn't respond with anger, knowing I should not let my emotions overtake the situation. So I scheduled a deeper dive to understand the reason he said that next week. In the meantime, I talked to my PM and gather details on her end. So I can evaluate the situation with inputs from both side and decide what action I shall be taking.

My goal for the meeting would to why my counterparts believe the communication was insufficient and how I can help my team to unblock the roll-out. Because as you pointed out, they could be valid and unfair in the same time.

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This post is #utter #genius!! Anyone interested in making a real & material difference to #Inclusion in our world soon, especially in #Product or #Engineering or #Tech (imho) --> should read this incredible post, thank you Deb Liu!

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Feedback is a gift. For lifelong learners, it's the best gift you could ever get!

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