Sitemap - 2023 - Perspectives

Writing a Year in Review

Blind Spots

The Gift of Clarity

Why Grit Trumps Genius: The Resilience Needed to Found a Startup

Learning vs. Impact

How to Land at a Fast-Paced Startup

Ask Me Anything: Family Edition

One Foot in Front of the Other

Perception Is Reality

Planting the Seeds

Pruning to Make Space for More

The Truth Behind Office Politics

The Art of the Hustle

The Power and Perils of Kayfabe

Automate, Delegate, Eliminate

“The Only Way Out Is Through”

Reigniting the Fire

The Dark Side of Influence: Understanding the Power of Requests

A Simple Guide to Preparing for a New Role

The Power of the Social Contract

The Sandwich Generation

Stop Outsourcing to Your Future Self

Swim Downstream

Forget Networking and Build Your Personal Board of Directors Instead

What They Don't Tell You About Having Kids And A Career

Activation Energy: the Hidden Superpower Leaders Can Leverage

Actions over Words

Write It Down

Addressing Misaligned Incentives

Ask Out Loud

The Importance of Linchpins, and Why You Should Become One

Staying Scrappy: Part 2

Staying Scrappy

Reading the Room

An Open Secret I Wish We Could Talk About

How to Become a Connector

My Deep Dive Into ChatGPT and What I Learned

The Promises and Pitfalls of ChatGPT

Consumers vs. Producers

Conscious Renegotiation: a Skill for Your Relationship

Ten Charts I Can't Stop Thinking About

Tell People What You Want

Dealing with a Difficult Manager Relationship

Everyone is the Hero of Their Own Story

Management: A Skill Not a Step

Coaching Trees and How We Pay It Forward

Wisdom from Mentors That I Still Carry with Me

Blossoming in New Soil - A Different Perspective

Identity Protection: Simple Steps to Prevent Fraud and Reduce Your Footprint

Culture, Connection, and Keeping Traditions Alive

How Mentors Can Change Your Trajectory

Your Voice Matters: 10 Ways to Influence without Becoming an Influencer

Finding My Voice: from Newbie to 20M Views in 18 Months

New Year's Resolutions and the Power of a New Start

2022 A Year In Review For Perspectives