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Deb Liu is a Silicon Valley tech executive of nearly two decades. She is the President & CEO of Ancestry, a tech company focused on helping people connect to their family history and tell their family story.

Prior to that, Deb was the Vice-President at Facebook where she served on the executive team. She led a number of products throughout the years including Marketplace, Facebook Payments, Platform, and Games. She founded Women in Product, a non-profit dedicated to bringing more women leaders into technology.

Getting Started

When I started Perspectives on New Year’s Day 2021, I didn’t have many clear expectations. I started writing as a way to record my thoughts and work through my thinking. It is incredible how much Perspectives has grown since then. There are more than 9000 subscribers, and I have posted every week (except four) since.

It has gotten harder to find content, so I wanted to share a list for those looking for a place to start.

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I hope that these posts are informative and useful to you on your own personal and professional journey. I look forward to sharing more of my thoughts, advice, and observations with you in the coming months!


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Deb Liu 
Silicon Valley executive mom of three