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2022 Year-End Reflection

Career Myths That Need to End in 2023

Path to the Stars - An Interview with Sylvia Acevedo

Communicating at the Right Altitude

What They Don't Tell You about Calibrations and Ratings

Ten Things I Wish I Learned Before I Started My Career

Work Edition: 10 Ways to Save 10 Hours a Month

Saving 10 Hours a Month

Ten Mistakes to Avoid in Executive Reviews

Managing Your Career and Beyond: a Conversation with Shreyas Doshi

What I’ve Learned from My Worst Managers

What I’ve Learned from My Best Managers

Change Your Vantage Point to Gain Perspective

A Definitive Guide to Networking (for Those Who Hate Networking)

Writing Your Personal Mission Statement

Ten Things I Own That I Couldn’t Live Without

Run Your Own Race

Drop the Rope

The Top 5 Mistakes Leaders and Managers Make

What They Don’t Tell You about Maternity Leave

On Forgiveness, Eulogies and More

Unfair, But Valid Feedback - The Seeming Contradiction

Stop Using Ridiculous Strategies and Start Being Intentional

In Praise of Praise

Extrapolating from a Data Set of One or Fewer

What Is Power To You

How Ratings and Reviews Can Help or Hurt Your Product

Stop Practicing Strategic Ambiguity and Get to the Answer

Ask Me Anything: Lenny's Newsletter Edition

Today Is Launch Day

Removing Blind Spots in Your Decision-Making

What I Have Been Up To This Week

The Bias No One Talks About

Behind the Scenes: Book Cover Edition

The Art of Persuasion

How to Be a Great Self-Advocate

Communicating So Your Message Lands

Podcasts on My Must-Listen List

On My Bookshelf: What I Am Reading Now, and Some of My All-Time Favorites

The Secret Power of Fresh Eyes

Manage Your Communications Like You Manage Your Product

How to Find a Sponsor

Celebrating 15,000 Subscribers By Sharing My Top Substack Reads

What Your Manager Doesn’t Tell You

What Was the First Job You Ever Had?

Top Ten Product Review Mistakes

How the Hotshot Rule Can Change Your Life

Overcoming Imposter Syndrome

A Simple Guide to Nailing Your Interview

Lessons from My Parents

Scaling: How to Get More Out of Every Ounce of Effort

Turning Points

Increase Your Influence by Changing the Way You Write and Speak

What to Read on Perspectives

Detailed Guide to Negotiating Your Offer

Things You Need to Do to Stop Holding Yourself Back

How To Get Promoted

How To Negotiate Almost Anything

The Perfect and the Good

Dogfooding: How Putting Yourself in the User’s Shoes Changes the Way You See Your Product

What Role Do You Play?

Avoiding the Pitfalls of Taking on a New Role

Sharpen the Questions: Individuals

Sharpen the Questions: Groups

Ten Things You Are Doing That Hold You Back

What Is the Best Advice You Have Ever Received?

Guide to a Great Product Review

What is the Best Piece of Advice You Received?

Ten Lessons I Learned from Writing This Newsletter

Ten Things Getting in the Way of Your Execution

Having Effective One-on-One Meetings

Another Trip Around The Sun

Care Less, Accomplish More

The Power of Marking Time

Making Time to Think

Admitting You Are Wrong

Perception vs Reality

Rewrite Your Story to Change Your Path

Countdown: How a Simple List Can Transform Your Product

How Painted Doors Can Be a Powerful Tool in Testing and Decision Making

What I Learned About Empathy

The Lies We Tell Ourselves

Are You a Maker or a Taker?

Increase Your Effectiveness by Adding Good Friction in Your Life

Increase Your Effectiveness by Reducing the Friction in Your Life

Leveraging Post-Mortems to Understand the Past and Build Better in the Future

Leveraging Pre-Mortems to Unlock Better Product and Career Outcomes

Ruthless Prioritization and the Art of Saying No

The Power of Gratitude: Thanking the People Who Changed Your Life

A Comprehensive List of Gamification Techniques

Leveraging Gamification to Achieve Your Goals

2022 New Year’s Resolutions

Day 5: To Achieve Your 2022 Goals, Stop Focusing on Them