Sitemap - 2021 - Perspectives

Day 4: Moving Forward Means Renegotiating Your Relationship with Work

Day 3: Elevate Your Impact by Asking Yourself These Three Questions

Day 2: Relaxing Into the Space Between What Has Been and What Is Yet to Be

Day 1: Celebrating 2021 Will Help Set You Up for Success in 2022

Must-Have Career Advice for 2022

Behind the Scenes of Starting Perspectives

The Hidden Cost of Cognitive Load

Get Off the Treadmill and Onto the Trail

Going From Treading Water to Thriving

Treating Life Debt Like Technical Debt

The Importance of Being Plainspoken 

Word Pictures: Using Imagery to Convey Your Point 

Memories through Food: How Taste Passes on Culture

Career Coaching: How an Outside Perspective Can Change Your Life

The Art of the Handoff: Leaving Things in Good Shape When You Need to Go

Reframing the Question 

Break Your Blockers: Five Reasons You May Be Standing In Your Own Way

Six Months In: A Reflection 

The Long Road to Here: Six Steps to Achieving Your Long-Term Goal 

Speaking Up and Connecting 

Quitting: Cutting the Cord That Holds You Back 

No Regrets: Living a Life Looking Forward 

The Path to CEO: An Interview with Fidji Simo, New CEO of Instacart

Connecting the Dots: From Vision to Execution 

PM Your Career Like You PM Your Product

Burnout: The Silent Thief

Getting Unstuck: A Guide for Those Who Need a Little Push

Fearless: Free Yourself From What's Holding You Back 

Escape Velocity: Building a Career Beyond Your Job

The End of the Beginning: A Look Ahead From Here 

Executive Presentations: A Guide to Achieving the Outcomes You Want 

Take the Shot: Opening Doors By Learning to Ask

My Journey with Insomnia

Solve for Joy

Getting to Yes: Achieving Alignment  

Career Development: Tips for Growing Your Career a Bit Every Day

Tough Love: How Hard Feedback Changed My Life 

Giving Feedback So It Lands

From Listening Tour to State of the Union 

Creating Fertile Ground for Innovation

Hate has No Home Here

Growth as a Mindset

Make the First 90 Days Count

A Guide for Onboarding into a New Role

Choose Your Own Adventure

Blossoming in New Soil - Follow Up 

Writing as a Discipline

Best Practices for Developing a Product Strategy

Ten Personal Life Hacks for Efficiency at Home

Ten Tips for Being Efficient & Effective at Work

Blossoming in New Soil

Resolve to Progress

Lessons from tech, leadership, and parenthood